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What are Ecigs:

Electronic cigarettes commonly known as E-cigs are electronic inhalers which were introduced in 2007, claiming to be a smoking alternative for the nicotine-addicted people around the world. The function of the e-cigarette is to vaporize liquids into aerosol mists. These simulate the activity of tobacco smoking.

Introduction to Green Smokes:

English: Electronic cigarette charger

English: Electronic cigarette charger (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Green Smokes is a company which makes electronic cigarettes available online and in shops for people to purchase – those who want to start smoking, and those who want to revert to a healthier option instead of conforming and carrying on with the traditional smoking.


Green Smokes cigarettes have numerous advantages and benefits – they are tar free, they have flavors, they have no offensive or annoying odors, they provide no risk of fires, they are free from carbon monoxide, they leave behind no polluting cigarette butts, they keep a user free from offensive smoker’s breath and they can be easily used inside places where smoking is banned for example in train stations, in airports, in restaurants and other public places.


Green Smokes claims to understand and cater to the needs of a customer, and thus a variety of everything are readily available in the market. Their kits come in a variety, each varying in price and components. Their Love Birds Kit is the most expensive of them all and is around $337. However, the cheapest is the Essentials Kit which is for $29. Other popular kits include the Ultimate Kit and Pro Kit.


An e-cigarette is typically constructed by connecting a cartridge which serves as the mouthpiece to an atomizer and a battery. Sometimes a small device known as cartomizer is also used which serves the purposes of both the cartridge and the atomizer. Disposable e-cigarettes are also formulated and are available through the company of Green Smokes. Just like the kits, the cartomizers also come in a variety of packs and the prices vary accordingly. Green Smokes provides customers with a 4 per pack cartridge set, 8 per pack cartridge set, 12 per pack cartridge set, 16 per pack cartridge set, and a flavored set of cartridges. For some packs, the batteries or other components are complementary, and thus a customer saves money.


Green Smokes Company of e-cigs provides customers with a wide range of batteries too. They have simple and designer batteries. The designer batteries increase the sophistication of the pack, and the overall appearance of the customer. USB batteries and USB chargers are also available through Green Smokes.


Green Smokes constructs a huge variety of cigarettes’ accessories for example leather cases, specialized packs, rubber tips, sparkle carrying case, and etcetera.


E cigarettes are used exactly as the regular cigs are. They are easy and affordable, Green Smokes claims.


Ecigs are available online through their website. Special discounts and sales are also timely available on the internet, and shipping is sometimes free of cost. All one has to do is make an account, select one’s preferred cigarettes, kits, and cartomizers, and pay online through MasterCards, Visas, and other accounts. Ecigs by Green Smokes are shipped internationally.

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Green Smokes E-Cigarettes – A Review

These days’ electronic cigarettes have become a norm for a lot of people for a number of reasons. These cigarettes are much cheaper than the traditional cigarette and are also considered as a better social alternative. However, these brands of smokes have continued to divide opinions amongst the masses regarding their efficiency and their ability to replace the more conventional smokes.

Innovative Technology:

Français : cigarette electronique

Français : cigarette electronique (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Green smokes’ electronic cigarette has been lauded for using an innovative technology which heats the liquid inside the cartomizers. This results in producing a heavier type of smoke which is greater than that of a regular cigarette. As many users who try E-cigs want to experience a more authentic experience, this feature with the heavy smoke helps them in that regard as well.

Avoiding restrictions by Law and Social Stigma:

Moreover, there are more and more laws being drafted which are forbidding cigarette smoking in public mainly because of the ash, smoke and smell that these cigarette’s release. However, Green Smokes E-cigarette allows you to enjoy the sensation and the taste of a normal cigarette and it also does not result in any ash or smoke and you do not smell after smoking an E-Cigarette.

Moreover, Green Smokes E-Cigarettes are also clean and fresh and are a good way to avoid causing pollution by throwing away left over cigarette butts.

Providing the Authentic Experience:

One of the most important ingredients in a cigarette is the amount of nicotine that is added to it. This “nicotine hit” is the reason why users remain divided on the brand and type of cigarettes. Green Smokes Electronic Cigarettes have a slightly higher concentration of nicotine in their brand of cigarettes. This gives you more realistic nicotine hit when you smoke these cigarettes.

Moreover, Green Smokes E-Cigarettes’ tip glows red when you are smoking it and slowly fades off if you stop smoking for a while. This realistic effect is similar to what you experience in a traditional cigarette which burns slightly at the tip and the glow slowly fades away if the cigarette is left idle for some time. Furthermore, Green Smokes E-Cigarettes are lighter in weight as well, which is why you may think you are smoking a real cigarette as the realistic effect it gives away when you are smoking it.

Extra Flavors:

Green Smokes Electronic Cigarettes also come in different flavors which give you a lot of diversity to choose from. You can also experiment with new types of flavors which can help you experience the nicotine hit in a unique way as well. There are many different flavors that are present including the usual menthol flavor to more exotically flavored vanilla and chocolate flavors as well which you can try.

In a nutshell, Green Smokes Electronic Cigarettes have received great reviews from people who have tried it as it has given them a new alternative to cut back on smoking the traditional, and the more harmful, cigarettes. This is a good alternative to smoke openly in public without harming the environment while it gives you a necessary nicotine hit.

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Green Smoke

The tobacco or the cigarette industry has highly transformed and has taken a leap to get rid of the usual cigarette stick that has so many legislations against it. The Green Smoke is a company that manufactures e-cigarettes that have revolutionized the tobacco industry and has given a new meaning to smoking cigarettes. There are many laws and rules around the globe that prohibits smoking conventional cigarettes at different places including bars, airports, shopping malls e.t.c since it is not only harmful to the smoker but also to others because of the smoke it releases. Green smoke e-cigarettes were designed to ensure that smokers have a unique, quality and sensational smoking experience but which is less harmful and safer than a conventional cigarette. 

Green smoke cigarette is not at all complicated and all you have to do is insert the battery in the USB cigarette stick and attach it to the customizer also called the cartridge that is filled with liquid tobacco and it is ready to give you a pleasurable smoking experience. Each customizer is almost equivalent to a 30 cigarette sticks or 360 puffs and it consist of USP Grade propylene glycol, USP Grade vegetable glycerin, pharmaceutical grade nicotine, and flavoring. The e-cigarette flavors includes absolute tobacco, red label, tobacco gold,  menthol ice, mocha mist, vanilla dreams, smooth chocolate and mountain clove.

Unlike the conventional cigarette, the green smoke e-cigarette relieves you from the hassle of carrying a lighter or a match box, buying and keeping a cigarette pack, disposing the cigarette butts, getting rid of the foul odor after every smoke. The e-cigarette is tar and ash free and also does not release carbon mono-oxide or other harmful toxins and allows gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere you like. The green smoke e-cigarette can be kept in the pocket or your valet and it is always ready to smoke provided the batteries are charged. The automatic long lithium batteries of green smoke last for almost 400 puffs which is roughly equivalent to 33 cigarettes whereas the green smoke short batteries last for around 300 puffs which would mean almost 25 cigarettes. Charged batteries would almost last for 8 hours however, if you are a heavy smoker than you can keep additional batteries with you to continue the sensational smoking experience.

Green smoke e-cigarette not only offers the wide range of flavors but at the same time allows you to choose the nicotine strength that suits you. The green smoke cartomizers are available in five nicotine strength: (i) Strong – contains 2.4% nicotine (ii) Full – contains 1.8% nicotine (iii) Light – contains 1.2% nicotine (iv) Ultra light – has 0.6% nicotine. Surprisingly, there are green smoke cartomizers that does not have nicotine at all but it still retains the flavor and gives you the same unique experience of smoking.

However, please note that not even green smoke e-cigarettes are completely safe and therefore the green smoke company clearly states that the green smoke products should be used by people above 18 and not by children, pregnant or breast feeding mother, heart patients or people who have diabetes or high blood pressure.

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Green Smoke Review

The Green Smoke brand is primarily for people who are keen to shift from conventional cigarettes and want to try something different. This green smoke review will provide an analysis about the product by a company that offers an alternate to a conventional smoking known as an electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette. According to a green smoke review provided on the company website, the green smoke e-cigarette gives you an improved and exciting smoking experience that you have not come across yet. Moreover, now you can have the liberty to smoke a virtual cigarette that has a superior taste and quality anywhere including the no smoking zones like airports, cafes and other enclosed public places. Green smoke e-cigarette is ranked among the top 5 e-cigarette brands. In this green smoke review we will try to cover all the pros and cons of the e-cigarette offered by Green smoke.

How to use a e-cigarette:

English: Electronic Cigarette

English: Electronic Cigarette (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s very simple and easy to use a green smoke e-cigarette. The green smoke e-cigarette kit contains a set of long and a short battery along with a USB cigarette that is almost the size of a conventional cigarette stick. It also contains a USB charger and adapter along with 10 tobacco customizers or cartridges that has a different and a unique flavor including chocolate, vanilla, menthol, red label and many more. All you have to do is insert the battery in the USB cigarette and attach it to the cartridge or the customizer and enjoy the unique experience of smooth, rich smoking with thick smoke.


The purpose of this green smoke review is to inform you of potential advantages as well as disadvantages. It is very handy, does not have tar, ash or odor and there is no risk of fire. Above all it does not release carbon mono-oxide since it release nicotine through an odorless vapor. It provides the nicotine to your body without the harmful toxins that released by burning of a conventional cigarette. It also does not have cigarette butts that are difficult to get rid of.


Based on the green smoke review provided by the users, the biggest drawback of this particular e-cigarette is that the batteries do not last very long as compared to other e-cigarette brands available in the market. Due to the short battery life the green smoke e-cigarettes needs to be charged frequently which at times is a little frustrating and the frequency of charging further increases after using the e-cigarette for a couple of weeks. Another issue highlighted in the general green smoke review is that the green smoke e-cigarette starter kits are expensive if compared with the other available brands. The green smoke starter kit starts from above $100 whereas the other brands such as V2 cigs starts from almost half the price at $50 and not to forget that it also has a better battery life.


If we sum up our green smoke review, it can be stated that if someone intends to shift to an e-cigarette from a conventional cigarette then green smoke e-cigarette is surely one of the best options. Firstly, it has different starter kits which suit your needs and secondly it has no match when it comes to quality and durability.



Electronic cigarettes commonly known as E-cigs are electronic inhalers (somewhat similar to the asthma inhalers) were introduced in 2007, claiming to be a smoking alternative for the nicotine-addicted people around the world. Although these electronic tubes resemble the traditional cigarettes from the outside, the inside is an entire different story. Instead of being crammed with tobacco powder, the e-cigarette contains a cartridge, an atomizer, and a battery. The function of the e-cigarette is to vaporize liquids into aerosol mists. These simulate the activity of tobacco smoking. Apart from the name, there are certain similarities between the conventional tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes, however, e-cigarettes have never been advertised, used, or marketed as a healthier alternative to the conventional tobacco filled cigarette. Furthermore, different countries, researchers, and health organizations have presented a wide range of varying views on the benefits and health risks associated with using e-cigarettes instead of carrying on or reverting to the traditional form of smoking. Also, the fact that it is a fairly new invention and people seldom know about it, the amount of research carried out and time devoted to studying the usage of e-cigarettes in detail has been limited.


An e-cigarette is typically constructed by connecting a cartridge which serves as the mouthpiece to an atomizer and a battery. Sometimes a small device known as cartomizer is also used which serves the purposes of both the cartridge and the atomizer. Disposable e-cigarettes are also formulated and are available in the market. However, these are seldom used by regular e-cigarette smokers and are only recommended to those who want to try it for the first time, and see if they like it. If a customer decides he likes e-cigarettes and wants to convert from his traditional smoking habits to e-cigarette smoke, he or she then buys an entire kit of e-cigarettes which comes with a USB charger, and a range of cartomizers or cartridges. The liquid used in cartridges is called e-juice or e-liquid. It is a mixed combustion of “propylene glycol (PG) with vegetable glycerin (VG).

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Health Concerns

Electronic Cigarette Smoking

Electronic Cigarette Smoking (Photo credit: planetc1)


Users of the e-cigarettes generally claim that e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional nicotine smoking as it provides the user with the nearly full experience of smoking while eliminating the risks and smells associated with the traditional nicotine smoking. However, World Health Organization says that since no clinically methodized or reviewed, researched or extensive studies have been conducted on the usage of e-cigarettes, it is not possible to claim these battery charged cigarettes to be healthier and less prone to cancer than the traditional nicotine and tobacco filled cigarette tubes, although the organization does take into account that it possible for the e-cigarette to serve as smoking cessation aid.


Statistical research claims that one in five people in United States of America has been exposed to the usage of e-cigarettes and has used e-cigarettes at least once. E-cigarettes are also used in Germany, Britain, New Zealand and Canada.



An e-cigarette is shorter form of an electronic cigarette which has revolutionized the cigarette industry by introducing an electronic inhaler that looks quite similar to the conventional cigarette stick since it has the same color and almost the same size. The difference is that it uses liquid tobacco and vaporizes it into a smoky mist that gives you the same feeling of smoking a conventional cigarette. The prime reason why the e-cigarettes have been introduced is that there are many anti tobacco legislations around the globe that prohibits smoking specially at a public place including clubs, bars and universities but they do not apply to e-cigarettes because it does not contain tobacco but liquid nicotine.


In 1963, a person by the name of H.A. Gilbert introduced a device that that did not burn the tobacco nor the cigarette paper but it actually had heated flavored steam that was produced by heating a nicotine solution and was termed as a cigarette that was not only smokeless but also tobacco less and therefore was harmless. However, it turned out to be a failure and disappeared. Again in 2000, a Chinese company designed a product that produced nicotine vapors that could be easily inhaled. The nicotine was diluted and placed in disposable cartridges that could be attached to a inhaler and it gave almost the same smoking experience as a conventional cigarette.

How does it work:

E-cigarette consists of a cartridge containing liquid nicotine, a battery and an atomizer or in other words a heater. The cartridge that also serves as a cigarette butt is attached to the USB atomizer and the battery and it works like a conventional cigarette but without the hazards that are attached to a conventional cigarette. The atomizer heats up the liquid nicotine in the cartridge and converts in into fumes that are inhaled on every puff. It also release a thick smoke that gives you the feel of a conventional cigarette but in reality there is no tar, ash, carbon monoxide or other toxins.

Benefits of e-cigarette:

Use of an e-cigarette means that now you do not have to carry a lighter or a match box, nor do u have to look for an ash tray for disposing the ash and the cigarette butts.  Another advantage is that it does not produce harmful smoke and therefore a smoker of an e-cigarette cannot be blamed for passive smoking and therefore the e-cigarette gives you the freedom to smoke anywhere you feel like including bars, during a flight or even at a public place. It does not leave an odor smell in your mouth nor do you have to worry about your teeth turning yellow.  E-cigarette nicotine cartridges are available in wide range of flavors including tobacco, chocolate, vanilla and mint but it also gives you the choice to choose the intensity of nicotine as per your needs i.e. Full, Mild, Light and Zero. The long battery of e-cigarette runs for almost 400 puffs that is equivalent to almost 33 cigarettes.

According to a research on e-cigarettes, the users of e-cigarettes save a lot of money as compared to conventional cigarette smokers and it has also helped individuals to quit smoking.

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E-cigarettes: Health Benefits

Electronic cigarettes which are commonly known as e-cigs or e-cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes claim to be an alternative to the traditional smoking and intake of tobacco by people addicted to nicotine intake. There are countless benefits, primarily health benefits, associated with the usage of e-cigs and replacing the use of traditional cigarettes by e-cigs.

Economically, e-cigs are cheaper than traditional cigarettes, and cost only a tiny fraction of the price of traditional cigarettes. Also, the components such as the charger are reusable and the cartridges are refillable.

Smoke related health benefits of e-cigarettes:
There are many benefits of e-cigarettes, but the health benefits of e-cigarettes are numerous, huge, and amazing. E-cigs contain zero amounts of tar, no percentage of carbon monoxide and none of the four thousand poisonous and harmful substances that are commonly found in traditional cigarettes constructed, formulated and bought around the world. Thus, health wise, you are better off using e-cigs rather than traditional cigs, because the health benefits of e-cigs are substantial and note-worthy. Furthermore, e-cigs have also been claimed to be non-cancer causing smoking toys, and who does not want to live a non-cancer life? Thus, the health benefits of e-cigarettes are enough to convince anyone to revert to the usage of e-cigarettes.

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Smoke and Smoke Smells:

Electronic cigarettes produce no smoke as they only create water vapor, scientifically known as ‘vapor mist’ into the air. Since the exiting substance from the cartridge tube is pure water vapour, you can smoke anywhere and everywhere you want (even places where smoking is prohibited). Also, no smoke lingers on your hair or your body or your clothes. Furthermore, you create a ‘pollutant free’ environment and nobody is infected or irritated by your use of e-cigarettes. The case with traditional cigarettes is the exact opposite.

Along with the countless health benefits associated with e-cigarettes, e-cigarettes are also negligible hassle since they do not  need any form of ashtrays or disposals. Also, they produce zero ashes, burns or butts to annoy you and for you to get rid of.

Physical Appearance:
Another aspect of health benefits associated with e-smoking is the fact that it lets you have a better self-esteem as e-cigs get rid of your bad breath, yellow teeth and smoke smelling body odor problems.

E-cigarette promoters claim that you may actually decrease your smoking time when you smoke e-cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes filled with tar and tobacco. They claim that when you smoke a cigarette, you feel compelled or obliged to smoke the entire cigarette, and throwing it away half-way through would be a waste of the cigarette, resources, and money, and thus you smoke the entire tube. However, with the usage of e-cigarette, you may put it out sooner than your usual time, and use it again at another time when you want. This makes you smoke less as per minutes. This would also lead to you smoking less in general, and you might actually stop smoking altogether.

All in all, the e-cigarettes health benefits are the main reason why people switch to e-cigs; however, there are plenty of other associated advantages as well.